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* Currently only applies to Shingle & Metal Roofs

Shop for a roof from the comfort of your home, or office anytime with

At PMI we believe in offering the best roofing systems for your home or commercial property with no compromise, no hidden sales tactics, and no cutting corners, just upfront honest complete roof systems with the industry's best materials and warranties!    We simply won't offer anything less.

Disclaimer:  The prices you see reflected in our online estimates may not be entirely accurate do to details unforeseen.  In order to confirm your online estimate, a PMI representative would have to visually inspect your roofs condition in order to submit a total final costs in the form of proposal / contract.  In some cases PMI may request pictures of your property from all angles in lieu of a site visit if applicable.  Some details that could effect your online estimates pricing would include, but not limited to, that of your current roof and roof decks condition, weather or not you have more than layer of roofing materials currently on your roof, the amount of flashings needed, tree limbs that are obstructing the roof and need removing, inability to safely access your roof, additional work such as chimney crickets, chimney deletes, roof vents deleted or installed.  Prices reflect only a rough estimate and should not be considered to be actual until receiving an actual proposal / contract from PMI Construction Group.   

PMI Mangament Team
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